“I am grateful to Jody for the powerful changes in my life. As a businessman, former professional baseball player, and avid hunter, the last thing I would have imagined was that I would develop tinnitus. Unfortunately, I did. I couldn’t escape the noise and couldn’t sleep at night. I tried medical help and anti-anxiety meds; yet, it wasn’t until, by pure chance, I found Jody and worked with him to find relief. Even now, some noisy situations will create a recurrence, but I am now equipped to confidently manage these situations until my world is once again as quiet as a church mouse. I am now an advocate for ear protection—and a serious fan of Jody Kimmell. Jody has a natural ability to connect with people, educate them and help them make a positive difference in their lives with hypnotherapy. I have referred many friends to him for a variety of issues, and I’ve seen how he can help them succeed when they are ready to face it and release the control the issue has over them.” – Keith H., Sioux Falls, SD



Are you living with pain, anxiety and stress? For many among us, this is the “new normal”—and they wish it wasn’t. If you are looking for a way to reduce pain, speed up the healing process and remain calm throughout the process, we can introduce you to the potential of hypnotherapy. Within your own mind, there are unlimited possibilities for improving your own health, constructive responses and positive expectancy.

Sadly, life is not so enjoyable for the many people who experience pain on a daily basis. Pain can come from many sources and it’s hard for others to understand your distress. They can’t see it. Pain doesn’t glow in the dark to let your friends know how much it affects you. It’s difficult for others to relate, but hypnotherapist Jody Kimmell understands pain and how it can adversely affect your daily life and ability to maintain healthy relationships. It can be difficult to perform ordinary tasks, move comfortably throughout the day and sleep well at night.

Jody teaches his clients how to reduce the stress that arises when they are going through a recovery period. He helps them with pain management and learning to focus in a way that is beneficial rather than adding more stress and conflict to the mix. Because proper sleep is so important to your quality of life, Jody helps clients improve their ability to sleep. Patients are grateful to be able to rest their mind and body after what is often a very long period of sleep deprivation.

“Jody explained why the use of hypnosis would change my behavior by changing my old patterns of subconscious thought. At each session, we work closely together to establish permanent, new thought patterns and eradicate the old, negative ways my conscious mind was addressing the world.” –Anonymous

Hypnosis can provide a relaxed state of inner focus that serves clients on many levels. Life is so much more rewarding and fulfilling when we are not overcome by extreme levels of anxiety and stress. Pain can lead to overmedicating and a serious state of sadness and despair. At TRANCEFORMING YOU, we can help our patients with a positive concentration on what can help improve the situation rather than continual worrying about what is going wrong in our lives.

Jody Kimmell is an experienced hypnotherapist, helping people overcome the anxiety and stress of pain and discomfort. For guidance on how to best approach your stressful situations, call Tranceforming You at 855-476-6747 for an appointment. We hope to see you soon!

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