Jody Kimmell has dedicated his life’s work to helping people live their best life. He has learned how to address personal issues with a confidential process that creates confidence and uncovers future possibilities. There’s no longer any need to limit your potential, relationships or enthusiasm for a full life.

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My Right Decision Guarantee:
Make your decision with confidence.

I confidently offer my “Right Decision Guarantee.” When you buy any session package, you are entitled to my Right Decision Guarantee: If at the end of your first session, you are not satisfied with my methods and processes, or for any reason feel that Tranceforming You Hypnotherapy is not the right fit for you, I will cheerfully refund your entire package fee upon your request. Guaranteed.

To my knowledge, I am the only hypnotherapist to offer this much assurance in the country. Why? Simply put, your success is my success, and I want this to be the right fit and the right solution for you.

All new clients must begin with a free 30-minute consultation.

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