“I work as a hand surgeon and was referred to clinical hypnotherapist Jody Kimmell by my brother-in-law. I was having a lot of anxiety about mistakes I made in the operating room and the effect those mistakes had on my patients. It was very difficult for me to sleep through the night, and I would routinely wake up worrying about my patients. These negative thoughts were constantly impacting my personal life for the worst. I came to see Jody, and through his techniques, I was able to let go of negative self-talk and focus on the positive. Now I am able to relax and focus much more easily! I found my confidence, and with it an inner peace. I am a much better person and surgeon because of my experience with Jody.” – Dr. J. B.



Are you looking for ways to increase your confidence and energy levels? Are you feeling torn in many directions and need to take a deep breath and gain clarity and focus? Whether it’s an elevated level of awareness or a specific focus on a heartfelt goal that needs your attention, hypnotherapy can help. We can work together on specific issues that are holding you back from achieving your full potential. It’s amazing what a focused mind can believe and achieve!

Here are just a few of the ways hypnotherapy with Jody Kimmell can help:

  • Increase self-worth and self-confidence
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Develop intuition and become more decisive
  • Create more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Uncover successful relaxation techniques
  • Say goodbye to resentments and bitterness
  • Enhance relationships with spouse, friends, family and colleagues
  • Create positive expectancy
  • Imagine and live the life you desire
  • Take responsibility for thoughts and actions
  • Release negative thinking and worst-case-scenario thinking
  • Let go of anger and hostilities
  • Learn to thrive in joyful gratitude

Some days it’s hard to believe, but there is much we can do to adjust our perceptions, our responses and our outcomes. Give us a call at 855-476-6747. We can schedule an appointment and discuss a plan to help you achieve your goals!

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To my knowledge, I am the only hypnotherapist to offer this much assurance in the country. Why? Simply put, your success is my success, and I want this to be the right fit and the right solution for you.

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