“I originally made my appointment thinking only about weight loss. Jody made me realize that anxiety is a major issue in my life and knew hypnosis would help me. My anxiety was so acute that just walking out the door was a major issue at times. I would need to mentally talk myself into going places before I could just open that door. With Jody’s help, I now can’t believe the change in myself! Not only do I interact with others better, I have gone to see a comedian and movies by myself. Amazing! I still have moments of anxiety but the techniques he gave me to calm down work like a charm. After a few moments of deep breathing, I lift my head up and out the door I go. I love it! As for the weight loss, it’s slow going (which it should be), after a lifetime of bad eating habits, but I’m very confident the weight will come off. I highly recommend Jody.” –Mary W.



Are you living in your ideal body? Many of us admit to wanting to improve our body shape, muscle tone, immunities, energy levels and endurance. With life so busy, how do we accomplish that? Yes, there are opportunities for exercise classes, yoga sessions, walking indoors and outdoors, fitness boxing and nutritional programs—all of which are good—and good for you. We applaud all these activities that promote health and well-being.

Yet, sometimes we need the benefits from outside help to get us on the right track. Especially when we’ve been caught up in a long history of behaviors that do not promote health and wellness, hypnotherapy can get us headed in the right direction.

“I have been able to make a long-term and sustainable change and am excited to live a healthier life. He’s a great person to have in your corner!” –Sara G., Minneapolis, MN

Jody Kimmell has worked with countless clients who have exactly this dilemma. He has showed them how to clarify their true desire for optimal health and eliminate those nagging beliefs that are getting in the way of healthy progress. Jody teaches his patients to consciously create and support a mind/body connection that can handle each day exquisitely.

“I was recently introduced to Jody Kimmell and hypnotherapy and decided, with some skepticism, to try this new approach to solving my problems. After several sessions, I have become a real believer in the power of hypnosis to change the way I feel and act. I have acquired some powerful tools to help me change the way I have functioned for years, generally with significant angst for me.” –Anonymous

Whether you want to regain your natural ability to sleep easily, lose the excess weight, or become better equipped to perform in your daily activities or athletic competitions, Jody can help. He will teach you how to strengthen your mind’s ability to be your best advocate.

If you’ve been thinking of ways you’d like to improve your body and create a healthier lifestyle, contact Jody Kimmell at 855-476-6747 for a consultation. He will let you know what’s possible and what it would take for you to achieve your goals. It’s no longer a pie-in-the-sky pipedream. Your world can expand in healthy directions you never dreamed possible. Give it a try!

Carolyn before and after

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